Microsoft Kinect hack brings research & analytics to the grocery aisle

Came across this fantastic tool that uses Kinect sensor to track activity at the grocery aisle. 

The Shopper Tracker is one of those devices that does exactly what its name suggests — and so much more. Developed by Argentina’s Agile Route, this Kinect hack uses an array of heat sensors and 3D spatial recognition software to track a consumer’s movements and behavior within any brick and mortar retail outlet. 

Checkout Shopper Tracker in action!


These data can then be used by a store owner to find out which shelves and items are appealing to customers, effectively adding a Google Analytics-like dimension to their product displays. The system is also capable of tracking multiple people at once, and can even provide feedback on which products consumers actually pull from the shelves.

There are several similar tools already out there, but it’s an expensive research methodology to use, mainly due to the gadgets used in the study. The fact that Shopper Tracker uses Microsoft Kinect makes it affordable in comparison to those tools. Looking forward to see how this tool develops! See one more video after the break…

Source: Engadget |


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