Co-op grocery store has arrived!


The Citizens Co-op grocery store opened on Tuesday in a 1,800-square-foot space at 435 S. Main St., Gainesville, the site of a former bike shop and church next to the Civic Media Center.

The store offers certified organic vegetables, fruit and meat from local producers and other locally made food and beauty products, supplemented by organic and fair-trade brand-name groceries and produce.

Some details:

  • The store is owned by co-op members and investors, numbering nearly 800 so far.
  • Members pay $100 and get voting rights to elect the board of directors and access to special sales, as well as a share of dividends based on how much they spend in the store.
  • Investors who pay $500 per share also get an 8 percent annual dividend.
  • Producer members — now numbering more than 20 — get priority shelving.

It gives me access to a lot of things I think are really important to my health, a shop like this may be a very good thing for several of the problems we all deal with.

– 65 year old investor/shopper



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