McDonald’s Pick N’ Play interactive billboard game

McDonald’s recently used an interactive  billboard game in Stockholm called Pick n’ Play to offer free food from a nearby restaurant. 

How this works?

Pedestrians walking by were invited to use their smartphone as a controller in a digital paddle game similar to the classic Pong. By visiting the website, people could choose which reward they wanted and then use their finger to swipe up and down on their touchscreen phone to move the paddle. If they lasted more than 30 seconds, they got a coupon for the reward they chose and could collect their free fast food treat from a McDonald’s restaurant.


Nice concept! Why?

  • Engaging
  • Geo-location (direct benefit to the nearby franchise)
  • No additional downloads (works through mobile web)

Though would have loved some addional social intigration on the mobile website to multiply the effect. For e.g. sign in with Facebook, share score on your Facebook page, etc. 

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