Majority of consumers are already using mobile for deals

PriceGrabber recently launched a new mobile shopping survey, it emphasizes the importance of considering mobile as an essential part of the marketing mix. Below are some key findings from the survey:

  • Almost three-quarters of consumers – 72 percent – are using their mobile phones to receive coupons, product deals and price alerts.
  • Overall the results show that consumers are embracing mobile phones for a variety of mobile shopping related activities. 
    • 55 percent of consumers use their phones to browse the Web
    • 34 percent compare prices online while shopping in a store
    • 33 percent find nearby products
    • 21 percent scanning bar codes
  • According to the survey, consumers have downloaded an average of 21 apps, including three shopping-related apps.
  • 11 percent of consumers purchased their first Web-enabled phone in 2007, 16 percent did so in 2008, 22 percent made the move in 2009. In 2010, 20 percent of consumers purchased a Web enabled phone.

Quotes from Sharon Banfield, director of public relations at PriceGrabber, Los Angeles:

“It was eye-opening to see just how many consumers already use their phones to receive coupons, deals and alerts, It’s amazing to see how quickly and how many consumers picked-up on the benefits they could reap from their smartphones in saving money and finding bargains.” 


“Mobile marketers will be smart to position shopping apps not only as the ‘new norm,’ but also as the essential tool for getting the best deal,”


“According to PriceGrabber survey results, consumers are looking for information and the best deal in town,”

“Marketers need to emphasize the fact that shopping-related apps will give consumers the fastest information in an easy format, ultimately saving time and money.”


Note: PriceGrabber, which is a division of database marketing giant Experian, questioned 7,987 consumers March 3-25 for the survey.

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily


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