Scenarios in this game are controlled by tweets! [brilliant!!!]

I am talking about – Tweet Land, a game which runs on Twitter! Every time someone in the world tweets something, his or her tweets could affect the gameplay experience by  triggering certain action-keywords. 

The developers are currently seeking funds on Kickstarter with an target of USD 7,000 (target achieved as of today) —  Tweet Land will be launched with two initial games. A racing game called Route 140 and a beat´em up called Love City.

I am sure people at Twitter will be very happy to see Tweetland’s very innovative intergration with Twitter, surely one of the most intriguing use of Twitter I’ve seen. Just a thought, but imagine the impact of sponsorship or Promoted Tweets! This surely opens up the possible of social media & surely entices the marketer within to think of more engaging social integrations. 

Note: For now the developers have set sight on iPhone version, Android fans will have to open your web browser and play till the time they show some Android love! 


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