Scenarios in this game are controlled by tweets! [brilliant!!!]

I am talking about – Tweet Land, a game which runs on Twitter! Every time someone in the world tweets something, his or her tweets could affect the gameplay experience by  triggering certain action-keywords. 

The developers are currently seeking funds on Kickstarter with an target of $7,000 (achieved as of today) —  Tweet Land will be launched with two initial games. A racing game called Route 140 and a beat´em up called Love City.

Tweetland’s very innovative intergration with Twitter is surely one of the most intriguing use of Twitter I’ve seen. I will be curious to see if they are able to monetize this game with some interesting brand partnerships (imagine sponsorsed hashtags, Promoted Tweets, etc!). This does open up the possibities in social media & surely entices to think of more engaging ways to integrate social media.  

Note: For now the developers have set sight on iPhone version, Android fans will have to open your web browser and play till the time they show some Android love! 


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