Philanthroper – A Groupon-like, donation-a-day site for non-profits

Came across this very interesting Groupon-like donation site for non-profit organizations. Philanthroper features one non-profit every day, and instead of buying a cheap package, you can make a small, quick $1 donation. 


In order to save money on the transcation fees, Philanthroper has teamed up with mPayy, a payment service that takes a comparatively tiny 1%, leaving most of the money for the non-profit you’re trying to support. That’s how Philanthoper can sustain the $1 micro-donation. You donate $1. mPayy takes a penny. Philanthroper takes nothing. The non-profit gets the rest.

It might seem like an an over-used concept, but its application to non-profits makes it interesting for me. I personally feel that the success of this model will mainly based on two key things  – awareness & willingness to contribute.  I don’t think willingness alone will be impactful if awareness levels does not increase. To increase awareness, how about a Philanthroper Facebook App? 


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