Six interesting online research tool

These are some very useful online research tools that enable you to capture insightful information about your brand, customer, category or competition.

I consider online research tools to be very handy, I can now conduct IDIs across the globe right from my desktop! Be it focus group, in-depth interviews for product/concept testing or any form of traditional research, online makes it much more convenient and cost-effective. 

By this I do not intend to suggest that online research can replace traditional research methods. In fact I believe that they both can live in harmony as there are times both online & traditional are complimentary to each other. And there are times that one method seems to be better than the other. 

I hope this brief introduction to online research tools is beneficial to you. I plan to cover more interesting online research tools I failed to mention this time, so stay tuned! I am also very interested to learn more from you, so please share any interesting tool that you’ve come across. 




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