How CMOs tackled the recession?

Razorfish recently released the sixth annual Razorfish Outlook Report. The report consist of trends affecting the CMO, learnings from the thought leaders and an analysis of 2009 media spends by Razorfish clients.

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • Innovators will benefit from the economic recovery, other may not. CMOs who used the down time to innovate and advance their brands are in a great place. Those that failed to do so are going to fall further behind the innovators.
  • Recession = digital experimentation for many. With economy under recovery, Razorfish expects 2010 to be a year of tremendous growth and experimentation. Just to be clear, experimentation will still be carefully considered and measured in 2010. But the brands will be hungry to explore new opportunities to connect with the consumers. The channels that were most popular for experimentation in 2009 included data brokers, digital out-of-home, and ad exchanges.
  • Watch out, Google. Razorfish expects the combination of Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! to challenge Google’s dominance. Bing is a good example of how innovation can occur even with a tried-and-true form of marketing — search.
  • Think global local, act local is they way to go… even for global marketers. With the increasingly sophisticated and fragmented micromarkets around the world, even the global marketers need to immerse themselves into “thinking and acting global”.
  • Razorfish saw decreases in overall budgets, but more budget was shifted digital.
  • Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is becoming an important part of media mix, especially for retailers.Retailers are seeing value in reaching shoppers while they are on-the-go. They are uing DOOH to guide consumers for an unplanned visit at their brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Video to get bigger. Clients are increasingly investing in video and other forms of rich mredia. Future looks brighter for video… increasingly dollars and impressions will move into video in 2010. It will be crucial for brands to understand the true value and video ads, which may be different that ads placed on TV.
  • Brands will continue to evolve in their use  of Twitter to develop a personal voice for the brand that appropiately resonates with the loyal customer base.
  • Interactive TV remains more intriguing to talk about than to embrace as an advertising model. Why? The amount of ad inventory available within interactive TV remains miniscule. There are privacy issues attached with opening up set-top box data, but the biggest barrier to success is that cable companies lack the incentive to change the current model.
  • In-game advertising, not just about billboards within the console. As games intertwine with social and location based services, the opportunities for brands to be relevant and meaningful partners are growing. Raozrfish expects to see growth in this category not only in brand focused entertainment, but also from the brands who have a product or services that can be a part of a gaming, social or local experience.

These highlights do not do justice to the comprehensive research report released by Razorfish, I sincerely request you to read the full report.

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