Study: TiVo may not have an important impact on shopping behavior

Researchers at Duke University conducted a research to shed some light to the ubiquity surrounding the influence of  DVR technology on sales. Data from over 1,200 TiVo boxes was pulled out during the course of three years. 


Researchers found that, contrary to conventional wisdom, DVRs may not present a threat to network advertising in the short run or medium (2 years) run. 

“In general, we fail to detect a statistically significant TiVo effect in any of these analyses.Moreover, our point estimates are quite tightly-distributed around zero, which is suggestive that TiVo may not have a qualitatively important impact on shopping behavior”. 

It was also found that 95% of television was watched live. Even when the option to record was available, users opted to record only 6.5% of the time.


(via Engadget)


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