Curiosity is the key to engagement

A month ago I was glued to ABC’s hit series, Lost. Picture 3I just could not stop watching it. I completed the whole 5 seasons in just a weeks time! I know, it’s insane… but just could not control my inquisitive nature. The twists and turns in every episode just left me so curious that I could not wait to get the answer from the next episode.

This lead me to think that, instead of considering ‘ad placement’ as the scape goat for a unsuccessful piece of communication… may be it is got to do  more with the content. I tried to recollect my online behavior (yea, that’s where I spend most of my time) pertaining to advertisements. I reacted and engaged more with the ads or messages that made me learn more about it. I may have even spent time with messages that were just not related to me in any way… but the message ignited enough curiosity to demand some time from my busy life.

I am sure if you rewind a bit & think about what you have just read – you will find some similarities.

The point I am trying to make here is…

  • Curiosity is the quintessential element in the communication
  • Content should be relevant, arose curiosity and creative (Don’t think curiosity can be generated without being creative)
  • More than just ad space, it’s also about the message
  • Curiosity acts as an incentive for the people to look or react to the content

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