Hyper-Local targeting is now possible!

Picture 4Now micro-targeted ads is a reality with a cool new business unit called “GEOMENTUM” launched by Mediabrands! Companies can now measure the results of an ad right down to the city block! Isn’t that super cool?

In a bid to help marketers execute highly-targeted strategies across the fragmented media landscape, Interpublic Group’s Mediabrands has launched a practice called Geomentum.

The new unit offers consulting, research, planning and activation for traditional and emerging channels in the so-called “hyper-local” sector. Basically, hyper-local media include all outlets that allow clients to target customers in regions smaller than a Nielsen TV market (DMA). Specific zip codes, city blocks or even individual households come into play, with ad messages delivered via interactive TV, zoned editions of newspapers, Yellow Pages, outdoor media and local search.

In a simple example… a company selling drugstore makeup for Asian women ought to advertise in neighborhoods where lots of Asian women live, and not bother pitching its products in neighborhoods heavy on white men. Once Geomentum narrowed down where Asian women lived, it would then analyze how a billboard in the neighborhood performed, versus a newspaper ad, versus a dollar-off coupon, by writing a long equation that linked store traffic and local product sales with all those variables.

Geomentum is about analyzing which specific households are more likely to respond to an ad. “Now we can market all the way down to address,” said Mike Hayes, the chief strategy, operations and development officer for Geomentum. (read full article from NYT)

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