Search is going social: Eye tracking study

A fresh report from Forrester Research indicates that the number of people who visit a network at least once a month has about doubled in the last two years. Adam Ostrow writes, “Specifically, 55.6 million adults – or just less than 1/3rd of the population – in the US now visit social networks at least monthly . . . .  That’s up from just 15 percent of adults in 2007, and around 18 percent last year.”  Which is a rather extreme rate of growth, especially considering the huge numbers involved.

So as social media usage is increasing, people using social media as a search tool has also increased. According to comScore,U.S. Search Engine Rankings, May 2009 – Search queries are up on Facebook, showing a 5% increase in May 2009; Google search queries are down 2%. As search options advance on the social networks, there may be a different search-behavior than reflected by people on traditional search sites.

Oneupweb, a search engine  and digital marketing agency used Eye Tracking technologies to investigate how users interact with sponsored ads while conducting search tasks on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Click Here the full report. This is a good read! Breaks few myths here & there, but personally would have been great to see this study based on more participants. (this study is based on 25 participants)

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