Innovative single-serve packaging

Picture 4 In Pack Expo 2008, Snapsil unveiled a innovative single-serve package that can also serve as an utensil! This is pretty cool stuff from the “ultimate serving solution provider”.

Snapsil is a fresh, innovative company focused upon the development of unique portion controlled serving solutions.  A Snapsil packaging solution integrates product storage within a highly functional utensil or applicator, combining packaging and portion serving into one eye catching branded pack. By combining both delivery and function into the one pack, precise portion delivery of powders, granules, creams or liquid products becomes a viable and convenient marketing alternative. Meeting consumers’ ever-growing desire for greater convenience and functionality, a Snapsil solution goes further by adding unparalleled convenience with high brand promotion values.

Snapsil goes on to enhance the benefits for the marketers by adding exclusivity to the partnership. “Not only can your company exploit the marketing benefits of Snapsil you can also be assured, that a raft of intellectual property protection including pending patents are there to protect your market leadership.”

While U.S. is known as the bulk buying destination, introducing single-serve packages in this recessionary period may be a good idea. Especially when families are cutting cost and buying only what is required.  This is truly amazing creation! Absolutely out there for marketers to make use of and create a distinct advantage by a simple integration of innovation in their packaging!

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