Zappos redefines shopping with the launch of new social shopping site.

What is in simple words, it is  a type of Social Shopping i.e.  Social Networking + E-Commerce or it is social networking merged with the Zappos shopping experience. As per Wikipedia, “Social Shopping is a method of e-commerce and of traditional shopping in which consumers shop in a social networking environment similar to MySpace“.  My.Zappos is an incredible initiative launched by the company via a twitter announcement on Friday night! Isn’t this amazing? I love it when Tony Hseih, CEO of does things like this.

Picture 16

So how to use After a simple singup,

1. Add stuff to your closet: Your closet is where you can add items from the website. Thinking of buying something new? Add it to your closet with a question or comment for your friends.

2. Share items with friends: It is super simple to post your closet items on other networks like Twitter and Facebook so that you and your friends can shop together. So getting advice & comments from your friends & people on your social circle becomes absolutely easy!

3. See what your friends think: When your friends comment on your stuff or suggest an item for you, you’ll see it in your activity stream. My Zappos lets you shop with friends so you’re only buying the coolest gear!

Picture 18

Yes, using My.Zappos is this easy!!! Also solves all the doubts about your purchase decision you make because now your decision is backed by your friends comments & suggests. I really feel that this is a huge step take by Zappos & will surely change the industry for ever. Even though there are social shopping sites like ReallyWantThat, ThisNext,, Shopseen, Shop Together, sfeed, Storrz, Yelp, Kaboodle and Select2gether entry of Zappos in this category  will surely not go unnoticed.

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