Simple & effective… that’s Tischen!

Have you heard about Tischen? I guess not. It was only yesterday that I stumbled upon this very interesting website called Tischen on Twitter. The unique name was intriguing enough for me to spend some time on the website. The website is nothing but a pain-relief for the New Yorkers! No seriously!  Tischen (pronounced Tish-In) is a free online service that lets you find helpers and services where you need them, when you need them.

You may ask, how is it different than any other service in the category? or how is different than Yellow Pages? In a way Tischen is similar to many web services in the category. The only difference is that Tischen is much more simpler, smarter, effective and transparent!  Let’s see how:


By no means I intend to compare Yellow Pages with Tischen, I just want to use Yellow Pages as an example to explain the simplicity of the service offered by Tischen. Search results on this site are very transparent  & directly share information about the service provider, rates and availability! This is the part I love about this service. I had an opportunity to get in touch with the founder of – Saman Rahmanian, I understand that he started this service with a very noble cause of getting rid of unemployment & save the economy. I am sure it’s a wonderful thing to do! Here’s what he had to say about his brand new offering…

I started Tischen because I was frustrated that there was no easy way on the web to find good contractors easily and more importantly to see whether the person would be available at any given time. Many helper & service sites act like black boxes. You have to submit your project description and then you may or may not hear from some bidders that you haven’t chosen yourself. Tischen takes a different approach. First of all, it is calendar based. So for example when you enter “plumber in manhattan”, those plumbers in Manhattan that are available at that very moment appear first. You can click on the helpers’ profiles to find out more about them. And if you like what you see, you can send a simple job request which notifies the helper about the job.


A service provider's profile with the availabililty information.


So no more 'black box' moments. You know when you will get served!


Get started with Tischen in three easy steps!

I love the simplicity and transparency of this very helpful service. I am no way near to an astrologer, but can surely see Tischen being very successful in the coming future! I really complement Saman Rahmanian for coming up with his noble idea & wish him all the luck!

Note: Tischen is currently running in public Beta in New York. Also, tells me that in just over a month this site has attracted 2714 unique visitors!

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