I love this Green (pizza) Box!

According to PizzaDelivery, over 1 billion pizzas are delivered every year. A pizza delivery is not complete without the same old paper box. When I think about pizza box… environmental hazard, recycle, inconvenience, etc. comes to my mind. So I wanted to come up with a novel idea of a pizza box that is Eco-friendly and very convenient. I thought how about a circles pizza box that can be cut in slices?. But before I go deeper, I wanted to understand types of pizza boxes available in the market currently. So I request loyal Google to search for “Green Pizza Boxes”. And what do I stumble upon! An amazing packaging concept that bowled me completely! It is Eco-friendly, convenient and smart! I am talking about “The Green Box” developed by a New York based “Environmentally Conscious Organization, Inc.”. Here’s a video demonstration this brilliant packaging idea.

Even though the company tauts about the 100% recycled material & the ‘Green Factor’ I personally feel it is more about convenience than the ‘Green!’. If you remember, Pizza boxes are a huge pain… to fit them in trashcan is similar to mission impossible, refrigerators space do not gel well with the large pizza box, after the pizza is over the box just seems so annoying. Hence this “Green Box” may be absolutely green and help save the worlddddd. It still impresses my due to it’s immaculate versatility.



This pizza box rocks!!! (because) it is Eco-friendly & it is super convenient (I love the Eco-friendly aspect, But I am still tilted towards the convenience factor).

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