Apple’s ballastic response to Microsoft’s ‘Price Hunter’ ads

Since few weeks we’ve been witnessing the new face of  war between PC and Mac. Microsoft has been bombarding ‘Mac‘ with the missiles loaded with the dangerous chemical of “Price Value”. Recently Microsoft even stepped up the value attack by introducing a new campaign for its Zune portable media player (More on new Zune campaign).

The onslaught by PC made me feel that, it’s time for Mac to retreat. But, my beloved Apple comes up with an awesome response to the Microsoft’s value attack! It gives me immense pleasure in sharing this short & sweet missle that was recently released by Apple. I believe this action will completely devastate the already low morales in the Microsoft camp!

This is Apple’s first reply after the Micrsoft’s Price Hunter campaign. According to this commercial,there aren’t any PCs with fast processors and big screens that work without viruses, crashes or headaches. I have been using mac since past two years and going by my experience, the claim in the commercial sure does seem very real. Well, it’s just my opinion… I will leave it for you to decide.


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