Internet is good!

Till two weeks back I’ve been arguing with myself about internet. A part of me felt, internet is awesome & other part felt, it is so intrusive & messed up my real life. I spend more than half of my day on internet. Become more responsive to emails or tweets than anything else. Newspapers sounds like a concept of 60’s and have more online friends than I have in real life. That’s my typical relationship with internet. My girl friends hates it, coz I am still browsing internet while talking to her. It’s so bad that iPhone or internet on my mobile will break the relationship. That sucks, but that’s reality 🙂

This Spring-Break I had to visit a my friends in Cleveland, Ohio. To most of my friends, it was a unusual Spring-Break destination. To me it was fun to be with my old friends! But this lasted only till I reached there. I realized that my friends had moved in to a new apartment has no access to internet and it was a place where ATT had very poor reception. So, to my surprise… I was disconnected to most of the world – couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I had no choice, but to read newspaper – watch boring television (I did not have the leisure to select the show I wanted to watch, at my convenience – as we can do it internet). I was again reading all the newspapers lying in front of me. Days suddenly became longer & started to realize how peaceful my mind has become without the information overload I was pushing into my brain. It was great talking to my friends and their families, suddenly felt I was enjoying this back in time. It was awesome! being disconnected to internet filled my heart with joy and felt  rejuvenated to some extent. It is this spring break I realized, life is beautiful – in real world too!

But, don’t get me wrong. I love internet and have understood the role it plays in my life. During the break, more than the internet… I missed being disconnected to awesome amount of information and new things I was learning. It is this internet that helps me learn about things that I would have never been exposed to. Following are 25 reasons why I still love internet

1. Quick & easy saves me time to process information

2. Postal service is way too slow for today, hence email works!

3. Twitter or live feed is even better.

4. To talk is boring, interacting is so much fun

5. Encyclopedia will be too heavy for me to carry around wit me, I am happy to have Google / Wikipedia … and innumerable other resources

6. In the business of marketing communications, focus group is a very important tool to generate insights – to me internet opens the door for 24hour long continuous focus group

7. Just a “hey, what’s up?” on a friend’s profile is good enough to be in touch

8. No one can beat the on-line discounts & promotions

9. Twitter brings me closer to so many wonderful people & information to empower my knowledge! I love Twitter, you should give it a try.

10. I can see & talk to my parents & loved ones through internet, anytime and how much ever I want to. By the way, at no extra cost!

11. Internet entertains me through on-line TV shows, movies, songs, social networking & almost real-time news

12. I am not a writer nor a journalist. Internet makes me want to express, hence this blog. Still not a writer, but at least a blogger

13. Internet is eco-friendly & so am I.

14. Internet has opened this wonderful digital world for me to explore, get inspired and enhance my point of view.

15. Internet gives me spreadability.

16. I have the power to make change, in quick & easy manner. (only thing is I have to be relevant and do it in a awesome manner that makes it contagious for people to talk about).

17. Internet was instrumental in making Barack Obama what he is today.

18. Thanks to internet I am still talking to most of my friends from my high school.

19. Internet has changed the world of advertising & brand management, now brands want to come closer to consumers! [probably this will be my next post :)]

20. Wonderful internet has also been a huge job generator. I am happy to see millions of people making money only through internet.

21. This should have been the first point, but doesn’t matter… internet has erased boundaries. You have one real world divided into maximum pieces possible. And you have digital world, wherein people with similar interests are out to help  & share knowledge with each other.

22. Thanks again to internet, it has given rise to social media to a extent that it now has the power to make social change!

23. I keep coming back to advertising & marketing… I am sorry, but I love it! internet has made communicating with consumers so much fun! All those digital billboards, user-generated contents, interactive & engaging ads, digital platforms like Nike+ it has become so much fun! Sincerely feel, internet has spiced up the advertising!

24. Makes me feel like god, am connected to each and everything happening around the world, gives me opportunity to participate in anything and everything I choose to participate in, opened up a world with limitless opportunities.

25. The best thing about internet, it is so interconnected with the real life that most of the things you do affects your real life.

I have now learned to balance my real life with the digital… it took me a trip to friends house & be disconnected to internet compeletely. I am glad I realized this. I hope you too realize this in some way appropriate to you.

To life! (online & offline both)

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