I have the bug! do you?

As you can make out from the headline, I have the bug and hence I paid a visit to the recently launched ‘Travel Bug Treatment Center’. I must say my experience was incredible! This treatment center is nothing but a marketing initiative  by Travel Channel. This is a part of their “I have the bug” campaign.

The site asks you a series of 12 questions and based on your answers displays your “Travel Bug Evaluation” – I was diagnosed as a Voyager and recommended treatment consisted of No Reservations, Dhani Tackles the Globe, Mark and Olly, Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches. I am already am a die-hard Travel Channel fan, hence I love the treatment… you may be wondering, how did they recommend particular shows? It’s simple… the 12 questions they as you are indirectly related to all the Travel Channel shows.


This is it.  I am diagnosed to be a Voyager.

This is it. I am diagnosed to be a Voyager.

I love this! because…

  • It is simple to interact
  • Engaging enough for me to spend time on it
  • Interesting content, makes me wanna talk about it
  • Very in sync with the brand value
  • Absolutely relevant
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