Climate Culture: Virtual world promotes Smarter Living!

This is an impressive effort to promote sustainable living. It got me excited to a great extent. Never imagined if someone was really interested in a concept like this. Hat’s of to the Climate Culture team for actually doing this.


Climate Culture is the first fun and personal utility to help you make smarter choices that reduce your impact on climate change and save some cash. Climate Culture guides you through the process of saving money and reducing your carbon footprint using the proprietary, patent-pending carbon footprint calculator and reduction service. You can even receive accurate and personalized advice on the amount of carbon, energy, dollars and other resources you expend from hundreds of lifestyle choices, daily actions and purchasing decisions.

I’ve just become a part of this world and it sure does look very interesting platform. Here are some screen shots from Climate Culture.


view of the dashboard... I am about to start!


You gotta do something... to earn points


There are various commitments that help you save money and be more responsible.


Commit to smarter living and earn points, upgrade your avatar through those points

As of February 2009, this virtual world attracts 5,755 monthly unique visitors with a month-to-month growth of 33.2% (source: This is a really impressive concept and hope it picks up by the masses. This sure does look a good opportunity for a brand partnership, Method… are listening?

2 thoughts on “Climate Culture: Virtual world promotes Smarter Living!

  1. Thanks for posting information on the Climate Culture. I joined yesterday. While my husband and I are doing a lot already to decrease our carbon imprint and environment impact at our home, there were a lot of great ideas. I will definitely go back to keep us on track and improve my “island.”

    As a marketing person, I totally agree that there is a ton of opportunity to integrate green products and ideas throughout the site. From Apple’s new mac with a better battery to even recommending using vinegar for clean, if companies think outside the box (and hopefully invest in this game) they can find a creative way to sell products while improving the environment.

  2. Hey!
    Great to hear that you are already working towards a smarter lifestyle! I am trying my best to do it as often as I can. Believe me, one right step towards green lifestyle gives me lots of satisfaction. I absolutely feel that there are ample opportunities for marketers to stand out. Being an active participant of the marketing world, I just hope marketers think out of the box and integrate creative thinking to engage the audience.

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