Tropicana takes a U-Turn, reverts back to old packaging!

Early in January, PepsiCo‘s flagship product, Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice changed its packaging (on left in the image below). A day or two ago the company executives plan to discontinue the new packaging (which is already in market) and bring back the previous version back!


How stupid is that?

I am curious to know if there was any  rationale behind launching a new packaging in the first place! I am sure there was, but wonder what type of research lead to this decision to launch new packaging.  If customers did not want a new packaging…. then why introduce one?

I don’t mean to be rude, I’ve have been a Tropicana fan since long. I even loved the new package design. But for me, the deal breaker was the connection between how I perceive Tropicana & the new package design. For me, the new packaging diluted the premium appeal of the brand. It made Tropicana look like a store brand.

I am glad Tropicana is back on track & that is surely becuase of those Tropicana fanatics!

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