my Idea: A Bubble Wrap Stimulator

Definition of Bubble Wrap: A flexible plastic sheeting containing numerous small air pockets, used in cushioning items during shipment is called a  bubble wrap. But, for me & many others… Bubble Wrap is well-known for something else! it is a cool stress relief mechanism. The action of the popping, as well as the tactile response and associated noise made, is a widely known and widely used distraction and source of amusement for people of all ages.

Popping the bubbles has a cathartic effect: The point of popping bubble wrap is to pop all the bubbles. The satisfaction of knowing you are powerful against the weak plastic wrapping that cannot do anything against your torterous fingers. The achievement of expelling the trapped air in every single little pocket provdies a psychological relief & a feeling of rejuvnation

Complement to Bubble Wrap… is coffee, we drink coffee for its taste and the caffeine jolt. Not necessarily used only during stress, but it keeps us going. A New research is shedding light on the benefits of coffee aroma! According to a recent study, scent of coffee beans may stir your brain & give you the jolt needed to shake off sleep.

myIdea: A Bubble Wrap Stimulator

To easily present my idea, a bubble wrap with the air pockets filled with strong coffee aroma. The moment you ‘pop’ the  air pockets, the aroma of coffee is released instantaneously to help you loosen up your stress or shake you off sleep!

Scenario: You’re sitting in the office, stressed with how the week has gone. Stress or high dosage of caffeine may have left you sleep deprived. Just pull out a small sheet of ‘Bubble Wrap Stimulator’ from the cool  refillable container it comes with.

How will this work?


Opportunities for extension: This idea is specifically catered towards adults with stressful lifestyle. But, similar concept can be extended towards various segments of population by adding cool aromas of flower, fruits, etc.

I will be encouraged to hear your feedback

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2 thoughts on “my Idea: A Bubble Wrap Stimulator

  1. I think this is a fantastic idea and would be very interested in speaking with you about a product that my company has invented (and sold) that uses bubble wrap as its main component. Please contact me with how best to reach out to you.

    Thank you,
    Jeanine Paolicelli

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