Make your customer happy in 5 minutes!



A blogger posts negative comments about recent communication by Hallmark.

Next Day:


With a new post, his negative comments turn to positive. Infact he advocates the Brand



He receives a personal response from the Public Affairs at Hallmark.

Great Job! Ms. Deidre Mize! I am sure it must have taken her less than 5 minutes to check the feed & reply to this dissatisfied consumer. Controlling consumer reaction on digital medium becomes very difficult. But, tools & technologies are in place to make things easier for brand manager & the PR personnel. Even free services like ‘Google Alert’ are a hand stretch away… only if one cares about customer satisfaction. According to me, a brand has to continously interact with their consumer at various touch points. Their reaction is the best Key Performance Indicator one can ask for.

Once again great job Ms. Mize & great job Hallmark! This post has been a great learning for me, especially because it tells me how a small amount of investment can make a customer happy. A small email made such a difference! These are small things that we can keep in mind, but we somehow tend to forget, ignore or jut don’t understand. Afterall,  a ‘life time value’ of a smiling customer will be way higher than and hence very essential for a brand manager to keep them happy. This lesson learned will remain with me for long.

“Things turn out best for the people who (brands that) make the best out of the way things turn out.”

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