Domino’s CEO bakes Subway’s letter….. What a viral warefare!!!!

In December, Domino’s launched a taste-test campaign that claimed customers preferred Domino’s subs over those served up at Subway 2:1.  As much as I hate the old-fashioned, forgettable, dumb execution (the need to explain what is 2-1 was unnecessary) of the commercial…


Subway responded quickly, voicing their concern over how those results were obtained and the fairness of their product comparison. The master stroke was hit by the Domino’s! Domino’s only refused to pull the work, but responded by launching a new TV spot featuring Chairman and CEO David A. Brandon playfully burning up Subway’s letter in one of the 450-degree ovens used to bake its victorious sandwiches.

The ad has since gone viral. The video is available on Domino’s website &  already has 101,826 clicks till 7.30pm ET today.

picture-3I love the part after the video wheree you can bake your own letter.

If you think this is it, check this out… Domino’s Pizza is taking a swipe at Subway and its famous ad spokesman in a promotion that will award a free Oven Baked Sandwich to consumers named Jared. The first 1,000 consumers with that name who contact the chain at will receive a gift certificate for the sandwich.

I believe this is simply great! Kudos to Domino’s for this very interesting leverage of the situation. From the beginning I was a great fan of Domino’s strategic decision to enter the Sandwich business, it may look different… but it is so much in sync with their core competency in terms of raw material, process & distribution. One of my friends has become a great fan of Domino’s pizza sandwich, why? because it is Oven-Baked!

Now I am eagerly waiting for Subway to reply and make this Food-Fight an interesting battle ground. One advice to Subway, take off your legal hat & wear as many creative hats for a grand comeback.

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