‘We Are All Direct Marketers Now’

In an article by Les Luchter on Jan 14, 2009 had a mention of the concluding remarks by Michelle Tiletnick, research manager of the Direct Marketing Association. She said, “We are all direct marketers now, whether we know it or not,” & thus concluded the executive summary of the DMA’s new 78-page qualitative report, “Future of Direct Marketing.”

35 Direct Marketing leaders have contributed insights in this report. Here are some findings from DMA:

“Where will direct marketing will be in five and ten years?

  • Customers will be in control
  • Measurable and accountable marketing will increase
  • Traditional direct marketing (mail, catalogs) will decrease while digital marketing rises
  • Marketers will increase the use of multiple channels–but with a single message
    “How should direct marketers prepare for these changes?”
  • Invest in the future (technology, staff, mindset)
  • Ask customers for their media preferences
  • Test everything
  • Be open-minded

I don’t know if I should consider myself a Direct Marketer or not, but one thing I am very sure of is…. I spread great amount of Word Of Mouth about the product or services I experience or have deeper knowledge about! I enjoy doing that, yes I feel great because I have control over my content. So be it good or bad brand experience, I make sure people around me are aware of it.

I find this article very resourceful & hence recommend everyone to check out the full article. My only  minor apprehension with this report is the time-frame. For time 5 years is too long, I see this happening in two -three year at max.

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