New Pepsi logo & the logos of Web 2.0

My first encountered with Pepsi’s new logo design intrigued me enough to fetch for more information on reason behind choosing this particular typeface. When it comes to typography, I trust fontfeed… it’s a resourceful site dedicated to typography. that’s when I came across a post on ‘Logos of Web 2.0’. Thanks to my New Year’s Resolution (I only decided it today) – Not to Procrastinate, here I am sharing this great classification of  logos for web 2.0 (I am only three months late, I guess)


For all you folks intrigued by this, I would recommend you read this article.

As far as Pepsi’s new logo; I would say its a perfect gamble by the brand. (I guess, the right thing to do at this point of time) Its been a rocky year for the brand, with declining soft drink sales & almost 30% drop in share price… what you need is some drastic measures.

I like the new logo, it’s a very expressive & youthful logo. It connects very well with the target audience Pepsi seeks to connect with. Here is a quote from Frank Cooper, Pepsi’s VP-Portfolio Brands.

“We felt like, as we move out of this traditional mass marketing and mass distribution era into today’s culture, there’s an opportunity to bring humanity back, both in terms of the design but also in the way we engage consumers …”


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