Good Thinking: Hyundai breeds creativity in adversity

Adversity breeds Creativity – We are at our creative best in adverse situations.

In adverse situations we are under pressure to change something in our lives that is not working. We are forced to look at ways in which we can overcome adversity. Adversity puts a strong demand on us to innovate for survival. It forces us to be different than what we have been being. Some of the most successful people and businesses that the world has seen have grown out of adversity.

Everyone by now is well aware of the adverse situations auto makers are in… To come out of this adversity, Hyundai recently launched “Hyundai Assurance Program”


The car-maker allows you to return you vehicle & allows you to walk away from your loan or lease without having to worry about any damage to your credit history. Assurance program only applies to customers stricken by misfortune outside of their control, such as losing their job, becoming disabled or losing their drivers license for medical reasons.

Customers must also have made at least two payments on the car already. In addition, Hyundai will only refund the depreciation on the returned car up to $7,500 and the program is complementary for the first 12 months of leasing or financing.

Hyundai said, the program is aimed at consumers too nervous to spring for a new car in the difficult economy. The slump in consumer confidence has been one of the biggest factors behind the collapse in new vehicle sales in 2008. In a prepared statement, ccting president & chief executive of Hyundai North America said that “We understand consumers’ hesitance to commit to large purchases in today’s economic environment,” “Today we’re extending … peace of mind to cover consumers’ employment status and personal finances.”

In this uncertain time, Hyundai’s Assurance Program seems to be very assuring for the uncertain buyers…

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