3 thoughts on “Pepsi’s new brand identity

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  2. It has been rumored that the new Pepsi logo has been altered to purposely match Obama’s campaign logo. After going to the Pepsi website, my suspicion increased. Every single link worked on the site, except conveniently the ones that led to the description of the new logo. Sounds like they are hiding something to me. Plus to top it all off, not only has the look changed, but the taste of all things. i have always loved Mountain Dew, but the new stuff they are putting out there is watered down and disgusting.

  3. Thanks for the comment Brett!
    I appreciate your view, but according to me… New Pepsi logo may resemble President Obama’s logo, but I don’t think they have purposely altered the logo to look like it. Obama-08 had different vision while designing their logo and so did Pepsi (I have mentioned about their rationale for this new logo). you may also want to look at http://adage.com/brightcove/lineup.php?lineup=1266084202 (please check the Video Report on Jan 29th 2009).

    Anish Shah

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