Twitter users are older & more educated. Facebook users, younger & earn more

Two weeks back, I shared the Quantcast demographic data on Twitter to my professor. At that time I was under the impression that Twitter scores more with young people.

It was only today, I came across a small study on the demographics differences between Twitter and Facebook users. This is a quick study done using Quantcast data.


Facebook users are younger & earn more: From the study done by the author I realized that more than 50% of the users on both these properties are likely to be female! 32% of Facebook users are younger than 17 years as compared only 1% of Twitter users are under 17. 61%  of  Facebook users & 51%  of Twitter users earn more than $60,000.

Twitter enjoys the older & more educated: According to the data 52%  of Twitter users are older than 35  and 63% have a college degree. Whereas,  only 21% of Facebook users  are older than 35  &  57% have a college degree.
According to the author, this may seem like a contradiction but isn’t one. Given that 32% of Facebook users are younger than 17, their higher household income is probably a reflection of their parents’ income and not theirs.

Quantcast also shows that, Facebook users are more interested in topics related to teens, bridal, fashion/ cosmetics, baby, education and parenting whereas Twitter users are more interested in topics related to politics, science, technology and news.

I completely agree with the interests of the users, but this study has left me little confused. May be beacuse I’m not sure how reliable Quantcast’s data is. Anyways I got to learn more about their traffic patterns.

@ anishvshah

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