Full length TV shows & movies on TV….. a territory more exciting than you ever thought!!!onli

While writing this post (Apple-Netflix Smackdown…)   I realized this is not all… This territory is more exciting than I ever thought! Few months back a new player has announced its entry into the war zone. This player is none other than Amazon!


Amazon: on July 17, Amazon announced this morning that it will launch yet another video service, this time offering streaming TV and movie content. The service will be called Amazon Video on Demand and will offer some 40,000 streaming video options for customers to choose from. (more on Amazon VOD)


YouTube: On Nov 9, YouTube  announced an agreement with MGM (an 84 year old film studio) to show full-length television shows and movies. This is great news, especially after a the trouble YouTube has got into in order to find media agreements for premium content. (Viacom ended up suing them). (more on You Tube’s entry)

Hulu: With 8-10 million online visitors, no one can ignore this new bad boy in the War Zone, Hulu is an online video service that has all your favorite TV shows, video clips and movies all in one place.  The best part is that everything is FREE! They even have a HD gallery! Hulu gets videos from over 90 different sources like NBC, MGM, Warner Bros., and Fox to name a few. This includes hundreds prime-time TV shows for viewing at your leisure.


Biggest benefit over competition – Hulu player is based on Adobe’s Flash technology, meaning that it runs on multiple platforms, including Linux and Mac OS X, unlike competing services such as Netflix’s WatchNow, which only runs on Windows.

So another question…. is Netflix gonna be left behind because of this limitation? The Answer is no!

Ever aggressive Netflix: Early this November, Netflix announced recently that it was starting to move its streaming movie service to Microsoft’s Silverlight platform. The good news for Mac users is that, once finished, Netflix’s streaming service will finally be Mac compatible. After starting a “limited test” just a week ago, however, the company has already moved testing to a public beta phase.


This will be total injustice if I miss out to mention about the great old warrior – Blockbuster. After taking a hit from Netflix, Blockbuster’s war against Online and mail DVD giant Netflix continues. Blockbuster introduced a new set top box. The service will supply movies to your TV on demand. And the great news is that it;s free!

Well, there is a small catch, you have to agree to rent 25 movies for $99 and in return will get a brand spanking new set top box which shows movies straight from the Internet in DVD quality instantly. (more on Blockbuster’s free set-top box)

Anyways whatever the catch is… its good to hear from Blockbuster after a long time! I hope we get to hear more frequently.

(my final thoughts)

For consumers: When it comes to entertainment…. its always MORE THE MERRIER!

For companies: Its all about MONEY (online ad $ & subscribers in this case) , honey!

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