Sprint welcomes you to the future “Now”

I am not a big Sprint fan, nor had I even visited their website to check their offerings. But, yesterday I spent seven minutes of my life on their website. I did not stop at that I even downloaded their widget. Widget? yea!


Sprint has this really interesting new website to promote its mobile broadband services. The site is ‘Sprint Now”. Its absolutely futuristic & full of cool widgets thats give you a snapshot of our world now. They have a variety of widgets ranging from coffee cups being produced to sticky notes being produced. Other range of widgets shown are the current National Debt, email sent , forests cut down, houses built, energy usage across the globe, new cases of malaria, money being spent online, etc.

Throughout your duration there is a robotic female voice interacting with you. The female voice welcomes you by saying “Welcome to Now” & tells you the current time & share variety of information on real-time basis. Thankfully, Sprint does not hard sell their broadband offering.

Its a very engaging website & it got me to download their desktop widget. “Now Widget” is again a replica of the site, the widget allows you to shuffle from range of widgets that comes with the original widget! Really impressed! Good work guys!


everything said & done, does this make me buy Sprint broadband service over other choices? may be not.

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