Xbox LIVE Rocks(ed) The Vote

Cool idea that no one thought about! Microsoft had partnered with Rock the Vote to allow gamers to register to vote through Xbox LIVE. That’s right, registering to vote is now as easy as downloading a gamer pic from the Xbox Marketplace.

I really feel this is a great way to get gamers involved in the political process. What’s better than mixing something boring (like registering to vote) with something you love (games), and then making it super-easy to do both at the same time? There’s even going to be a presidential poll! I can’t wait to see what other gamers think: Obama or McCain?

As we all know that gamers suffer from the stereotype of being lazy, but this was an excellent way to do what’s right without getting up from your couch.


There are over 12 million gamers on Xbox LIVE , most of them in U.S. Imagine if Sony followed through with PS3 and Nintendo did the same with Wii. There could have been potential for a huge amount of gamers to stand up and make their voices heard.

This initiative will either be highly successful (a lot of people sign up) or fail horribly (no one signs up, or everyone has already registered, so they don’t have to). Honestly, it could be taken either ways. I just feel that this idea was cool !

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