McDonald’s creates history: unveils new generation packaging.

When one thinks McDonald’s, greasy burgers, obesity, and possibly cardiac arrests are still the first thoughts that come to mind for many. Not any more, Beginning in November 2008, world’s largest fast food chain & my favorite chain -McDonald’s will introduce its new generation of global packaging using “sophisticated graphics, photography and storytelling” to positively impact customer perceptions. Starting from November, McDonald’s will extend its packaging overhaul to a whopping 118 countries – from Iceland to India. The roll out is stated to be complete in two years. The new packaging is developed by a marketing company subsidiary Boxer of London & Birmingham,England.

The new look puts more emphasis on product and less on the brand’s iconic “I’m lovin’ it” tagline.

new drink cups

new drink cups

The move is intended to put the McDonald’s food quality story directly into the hands of consumers. Ms. Mary Dillon, Global Chief Marketing Officer said “McDonald’s is putting the focus on food.”  “Our new packaging is a fresh way of sharing McDonald’s food quality story with our customers,” said Dillon. “The more people know about our food the more they’ll love it.”

She said, Each new package focuses on the item enclosed, with pictures of the sandwich or nuggets and a rallying cry, such as “There is only one” for Big Mac; “Full steam ahead” for the Filet-O-Fish; or “Share me nots” for chicken nuggets. The packages are bright red, purple, yellow and blue with a wide variety of fonts.”

(more) Nutrition information, pictures of ingredients and “I’m lovin’ it” are printed on the sides — de-emphasizing the tagline, which earlier was featured prominently at the top of each package. To subtly indicate freshness and quality ingredients, the new food bags have pictures of potatoes, lettuce, wheat, eggs and even farm machinery.

(Quick bite) McDonald’s last big global packaging revision coincided with the adoption of it’s “I’m lovin’ it” ad slogan in 2003.

Pierre Woreczek, chief brand and strategy officer-marketing, McDonald’s Europe, described the repackaging as a move from “100% I’m lovin’ it lifestyle,” to something that also assured consumers of product quality in a “young tonality.” He added, “We’re modernizing brand identity using packaging as a badge value.”

McDonald's new packaging

McDonald's new packaging

Keeping in mind McDonald’s global reach, the new packaging is flexible enough to accommodate 21 languages while sharing stories about the quality of McDonald’s ingredients in a way that is locally relevant for customers around the world.
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