Thanks to Google & MySpace: Display ads are back again!

On October 14th, analysts lowered their expectations from internet biggies like Google & Yahoo. They also predicted that Display ads will be hit harder. “While we expect solid September quarter results from companies such as Google, IAC Interactive, and even Yahoo, all eyes are on 2009,” Canaccord Adams analyst Collin Gillis said. “Display-advertising business models are under siege, as revenue visibility is increasingly unpredictable…Display remains the domain of brand advertisers–and with its softer metrics is more readily seen as a source of spend that can be reduced.”

Everything said & done, display ads are back again! thanks to MySpace & now Google!

On October 12th 2008, MySpace launched their self serve ad platform (still a beta), called My Ads. Like Facebook, it allows anyone to quickly create a targeted ad and serve it on MySpace. But one thing that sets MySpace My Ads is display ads (Facebook only allows text ads). Users can choose between a 728×90 or 300×250 ad unit and can create an ad with pre-built templates and a Flash tool, or upload their own.

Soon after MySpace, Google announced the launch of display ads. I kind of find this funny. Because Google was the one to kill display advertising. Through its Google AdWords, company blew the lid off of online advertising with its simple text-based ads and its cost-per-click model. Advertisers were able to quickly create a terse, compelling chunk of text. Users were clicking. Revenues were rolling. All was right with the world. But, that is past now. Today, Google is getting into the market with the do-it-yourself display ads.

Keeping the value proposition of the brand intact, Google has made the ad design interface absolutely simple. Few clicks here & there will make your display ads. Here’s a video to see how simple it is to open your own advertising shop to design display ads:

When Google launched the ‘text based ads’ it revolutionized the industry. Will is be the same from the ‘display ads’? Lets see. No one knows, With MySpace & Google’s power anything is possible.

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