Microsoft to censor (undesired words) on Xbox.

What da ##@#….. %^@@@^%$$$ S**T…. looks like Xbox gamers will not be able to hear any of these s#*t anymore. Because, Microsoft has been granted a patent (filed in 2004) to filter and censor undesired words in real-time. The automatic system would process everything being said and alter the unwanted words so that they are, according to the patent, “either unintelligible or inaudible.

I’ve marked ‘inaudible’ as the company is opting to either lower the volume below audibility, replacing the word with an acceptable word or phrase, or taking out the word completely.Thats good! because  hearing “bleep” can be annoying if each & every obscene word is “bleeped” I am glad Microsoft understands this. Unlike TV networks (where delayed feeds allows some one to censor or ‘bleep out’ any offensive language), Microsoft’s proposed technology would make everything work in real-time – a practical solution when it comes to the many simultaneous conversations that take place in online multiplayer games.

I will wait to hear from the experts, how the parameters will be set. It will be interesting to learn how Microsoft will censor words that can be very creatively & obscenely used by some members of the community.

Though censoring is good, Microsoft will be on tight rope & maintain  absolute balance between degree of censorship & potential pain for the gamers (company does’nt want to fend off gamers due to over control).

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