Integration. An old buzz word with new meaning.

Being a VCU Brandcenter student you have too many advantages, but one of my favorite is the ‘VCU Brandcenter Friday Forum’. Every Friday we have distinguished speakers in from the field of Creativity-Culture-Commerce. This Friday i.e. October 17, 2008 I got an opportunity to hear from Martha Jurzynski, Account Director – got milk? Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

About Martha:

In only a few short years, Martha took the got milk? campaign from a traditional TV-only campaign to an award winning, integrated campaign that now plays in all forms of media. In particular, got milk?’s campaign websites;, and have all garnered top industry awards – from Gold Lions to Effies. In early 2008, took home Goodby, Silverstein & Partners first ever Black Pencil at the D&AD awards.
Most recently, Martha has stepped into the role of account director on Hewlett Packard’s “The Computer is Personal Again” campaign. Most well known for its “Hands” spot featuring Jay Z, Martha hopes to have similar success taking this global campaign to new heights.

On Friday she spoke about “Integration. An old buzz word with new meaning”. As we all know, advertising industry has been talking about integration since ages… integration in marketing, integration in campaigns, integration in companies, etc. But according to Martha, this new age demands new meaning to integration – “Internal Integration”

According to Martha, its high time agencies shift their focus on internal integration. And where does internal integration come from? It comes from employees. Today, employees who can play a role of integrator are in high demand. Agencies need people who can do it all! Gone are the days when agencies preferred “expertise in one field”, now industry needs employees who are ‘jack of all trades’. This integrators should be talented, generous, good politicians – who know how to get work done, etc. Martha said ” there are million attributes & adjectives that can describe a integrator. Good integrators are more desirable this days because they make people feel safer & more understood”.

As departments start to overlap more than ever, internal integration  enhances the quality of output by sharing thoughts, helping each other, fosters shared shared ownership & creativity.

Team Silo

Team Silo

Overlap rocks!

Overlap rocks!

Martha had some advise for student like me, who will be soon joining the industry. She said:

  • Forget you are an expert in anything, being good at too many things is the key.
  • Be open to new ways of doing things.
  • Move away from rigidity towards adaptability.
  • Seek out interesting partners in the agency who would make the output of your job (brand solution) more meaningful, interesting & productive.

She supported this advise with an example… ‘Adobe Layer Tennis’ an idea come out of a integration by brand strategist & communication strategist. The problem: Creative poeple listen only to each other. That makes marketing to them a challenge, especially when selling computer softwares. The Strategy: Invent a new online sport that lets creative people compete head-to-head  in front of live audience – two things they dream about but never get the chance to do. The two players takes turn remixing each others’ graphics-live-using Adobe CS3 software, and the audience chooses the winner. Results: 500,000 participated & the new sport was sensation in the creative community. Adobe’s earnings increased by 113% from 2006, which  Adobe’s  CFO said was “… primarily driven by CS3…”

(how) Integration (works) for creative works?

  • Bring people together
  • Test & optimize the whole way through
  • Write case study upfront (write your expectations from the the creative work)
  • Describe the core idea in one sentence

Though all the points are utmost important, for me personally last two points have much deeper meaning into it & makes much more sense in actuality.

“…if the strategy cannot be described in one sentence, go back to the drawing board & rewrite the strategy. Understand what you expect from the campaign”

According to Martha,

  • Size of the team
  • Amount of research
  • Hierarchy of team…

…does not matter in the creative process, in fact she feels that ‘numerous people who approve work’ & ‘lots of small ideas’ are bad for any creative output.

Martha said “A campaign is fractured when numerous people approve your work. Especially when each individual have a different vision about how the work will end”.

She again supported her statements through two examples:


As per what we saw during her speech, “the white gold campaign” for got milk? was much more integrated & seemed to be connected with one single idea – “Band that loves milk”. The website of ‘Get the glass campaign” was a masterpiece in itself, but we could not describe the strategy in one sentence. It seemed as if way too many pieces where joined together. (I would request each reader to visit both the websites I just mentioned, for the only reason… these sites are simply splendid!!!)

In the end, she spoke about integration between agencies & concluded with a wonderful insight on marketing!

“Marketing is no longer simply about compilation of an ads, or ads in different medium. Its about creating interaction & experience“.

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