Very funny: YouTube introduces ‘Audio Preview’

YouTube has added “audio preview” for the YouTube comments section. For now, audio previews are restricted to the first 150 characters of a comment. I like this tool, I never expected this from YouTube! But according to me YouTube is all about fun & ‘audio preview’ is funny! Even though audio preview is rather useless right now, but I surely feel that Google is working on something big text-to-speech territory. Let there be anything, I am sure it will help me make my life easier!

I learned that, few days ago Randall Munroes’s popular web comic XKCD recommended that Google should add an audio preview for all comments, so that commenter might realize how inane some of their comments really are. Now, Google has implemented exactly this feature: audio previews for YouTube comments. ( I am sure, this is just a coincidence as Google would have started working on audio preview long time ago)

Here’s the Web comic by Randall Munroes


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