Google Adsense for games: spreads its influence to ‘in-game advertising’

Last year Google strengthened its arsenal by acquiring Adscape Media last year & working along side developers & publishers such as Konami, Demand Media, Playfish, Zynga and Mochi Media. Google has done it yet again!

Few days back, Google announced ‘Google Adsense for Games’.  As per the details released by Google, the revenue generated by the ads will be split between Google and the game company hosting it. This announcement now enables Google to spread its immense advertising influence in to the gaming periphery.

Google Adsense for Game

As Google is spreading its reins towards online gaming, its arch rival Microsoft (through its wholly owned subsidiary Massive) will continue to be the exclusive in-game ad network for PC & Xbox 360 platforms of the world’s largest racing franchise.

A research conducted by Massive inc. estimated that in-game advertising will reach $1.8 billions by 2010. As per DecisionNote report in-game advertising is estimated to reach $732 million by 2010. As we can see there is a startling difference between these figures. But one thing is sure, In-game advertising is here to stay & grow!

As demand for video games continues to grow, Advertisers see in-game advertising as a prime way to target the male 18-34 demographic, who are increasingly neglecting television in favor of computer and video games. Several advertisers are making strategic use of this medium & investing resources into in-game advertising.

Richard Dance, Group Account Director at MindShare Interaction UK, said: “The growing channel of in-game advertising provides an exciting and creative medium in which to work. Although we are only scratching the surface with regards to the opportunities it provides, more and more of our clients are keen to include in-game advertising as a part of their multichannel strategy.

Other developments:

  • Last year Microsoft acquired Masive Inc. for $200 million.
  • In June 2008, IGA signed a deal with EA,  to provide all their plugging for the Play station 3. (means the 13 million PS3 owners will now be bombarded with in-game advertising.)
  • In March 2008, EA and Massive Inc. announced an expansion and two-year extension of their agreement to offer dynamic in-game advertising for EA video games.

One thought on “Google Adsense for games: spreads its influence to ‘in-game advertising’

  1. Cheers
    Great Stuff!!! Just like product placement in movies was a great hit among consumers in early 2000. So will be in-game advertising, this is here to stay. Thanks for keeping us update with latest trends in online advertising .

    Keep rocking us with this virgin thoughts!!!


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