my Idea: A widget for at&t


(a) It is always a hassle to visit at&t website & check my account information. it is a huge problem for me as I used to forget my password (even now i do not remember my password)

(b) I lost my cell phone & gone with the wind was my valuable contact information.

(c) Remembering the bill date is not my cup of tea. I set up reminders in I-cal, on my mobile, i also have a post-it on my desktop.

So, I wanted a genie to help me organize my life. But as I am not Alladin I had to think of something else. So here it is… A widget for my desktop. I am sure all of you will realize how handy this could be.


A desktop widget by at&t (can be developed by any network provider) that enables you to sync your cellphone account from the at&t website to this widget. This widget effortlessly keeps you updated about your minute / data usage. My widget will come equipped with “Live Chat”, “Phone book” & “Payment Reminder”.

(a) Live Chat: at&t make their customer service right at your desktop!

(b) Phone book: Allows you to sync your contact list directly into this widget!

(c) Payment reminder: Option to set payment reminders

Benefits to the customers:

(a) Live Chat: Hassle free clarification of my doubts.

(b) Phone book: Safeguards valuable information from loss or damage.

(c) Payment reminder: keeps your mind (& may be credit history) fit & fine.

My widget:

widget! I hope at&t comes up with something like this. (optimistic?)

sign in to your account

sign in to your account

check your minutes / data usage

check your minutes / data usage

click on the at&t logo & explore the widget!

click on the at&t logo & explore the widget!

click on customer service for a 'Live Chat' with at&t representatives.

click on 'customer service' for a for a "Live Chat" with at&t representatives.

click on 'my phone book' to explore your contact list

click on 'my phone book' to explore your contact list from your cell phone. (connect your phone to sync).

designed & conceptualized by Anish Shah (thats me)

designed & conceptualized by Anish Shah (thats me)

I believe this widget is a novel idea & creates a win-win situation for both subscribers & the company (in this case at&t).  For people who share my problems will love this widget, people who don’t will still appreciate this. There are thousands widgets developed everyday, but widgets that really adds value & help me make my life more organized stay on my desktop.

This widget can be used by any network provider & expect to gain positive reviews on their commitment towards making lives of their subscribers simple. This small widget also increase the brand exposure as the widget remains on their subscriber’s desktop. To satisfy a marketer to invest in this widget, let me share that this widget can also be used as a potential platform to source out ‘promotional messages’ directly on the widget (but, pleaseee without intruding our privacy. Otherwise you will destroy the whole purpose of this widget).

Disclaimer: Over the years my innovative nature has come up with hundreds of ideas, but this is the first time I have actually spend some time & executed this. It would be great if you can leave your valuable comment on this post.

Creative Commons License
ATT Widget by Anish Shah is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

3 thoughts on “my Idea: A widget for at&t

  1. good idea.. you can also push rolling news onto it

    now prepare a good marketing campaign for the subscribers.. i am sure it will be good to view as all your other ads have been 🙂

  2. It is a noble idea.

    Good things:

    * I currently do all these functionality via various channels. This tool integrates all these things in one place.

    * I love the fact that it is a desktop widget. It will be nice if it is an iPhone app or a WAP enabled webpage or something similar.

    * Wireless addressbook syncing is definitely required. Google Android syncs Address book with your gmail account. Apple iPhone charges $99/month to do this wirelessly.

    * This is definitely a lot of value for the customer.

    * One great feature would be is the PARENTAL control feature. Which will allow parents to watch text message usage and minutes usage of their kids.

    Not so good things:

    1.What is the value this widget brings for AT&T, how is this competitive advantage? If this runs on a phone this will be even cooler.

    2. AT&T probably will **NOT** like this model because if users can see their usage every minute they will never go over their minutes and AT&T will not be able to make $0.45 per minute.

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