Location-Based Services grips MILLIONS worldwide…

This post is in follow up on my past articles about “location-Based Marketing“. Thanks to the cost of smart phones, comparatively cheaper data plans,  The iPhone & other clone iPhones of the world… worldwide location-based service users will be surpass 60 million mark! That is almost 224% up from 2007.

As per research conducted by eMarketer, the number of users is estimated to reach 486 million in 2012.

Consumer’s affinity to social networking is also one important reason for the increase. As John du Pre Gauntt, senior analyst says “Consumers have discovered that the appeal of location-based services extends beyond pinpointing locations, businesses and other points of interest”. Now looking at the consumer trend; time is not away when marketers will start following them to mobile location-based services, resulting in increased interests in terms of dollars towards Location-Based Marketing.

Partnering with LBS:

In February 2008, CBS teamed up with Loopt, a social mapping service, to offer location-based service-based advertising. CBS ran localized banners on CBS Mobile News and CBS Mobile Sports to point Loopt customers to local businesses based on their physical location.

In March, Loopt announced a partnership today with Filter Creative Group to deliver real-time, location-based broadcasting from the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin, Texas to consumers everywhere.

In September, Quattro Wireless partnered with uLocate to offer location-based advertising inventory exclusive to the iPhone. uLocate’s application, WHERE, is already one of the most-popular downloads at Apple’s iPhone App Store.

product innovations in convergence with LBS:

uLocate Communications, the world’s leading developer of location enabled applications, announces an agreement with Garmin to add friend-finding capabilities to select current and future Garmin GPS devices.  The partnership leverages APIs on uLocate’s WHERE™ platform to enable Garmin users to easily find and connect with friends nearby through  the leading friend finding network, Buddy Beacon.

I will also take an opportunity to mention about Brammo’s Enertia Electric Motorcycle. Enertia comes equipped with GPS & WiFi! this bike is in class of its own. The company plans to use GPS to give riders more information about their driving pattern to make necessary adjustments to the battry output through computer. Brammo also plans to create a community out Enertia buyers by making effective use of inbuilt GPS. How smart! Enertia riders can share their route or discuss optimal driving settings, meet their friends by detecting their bikes on map, etc

In the end:

Location-Based Services are still evolving, but in years to come as consumers evolve, LBS it will also be an effective tool to enhance customer service & create loyalty. I believe that LBS will be a very good platform to tap in, and can provide phenomenal results if implemented (in synergy with brand strategy) correctly, efficiently, and effectively to create an engaging customer experience with the brand.

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