location-based service (MEETS) transit advertising

Interesting right? AudioConexus, a Media and Entertainment company, helps sightseeing companies and mass-transportation operators deliver accurate, consistent next stop announcements and location-based advertising & intends to enahnce visitor’s experiences by providing high-quality location relevant content.

This is so cool! the company has come up with a GPS Audio & Video system that delivers location based alerts inside the bus. Definitely can be extended to rail as well. This innovation is intended to increase the savings in staffing, delivery safe & consistent brand experience. It also act as an revenue generating tool for location-based advertisers. Another interesting thing about this system is that, it transmits the content to the travelers in any language & any topic as per relevance.


How does this work?

The GPS Digital Video System is a compact MPEG-2 player that is vibration resistant, designed for rugged transportation routes and environments. Audio and Video clips are easily stored on cards by simply copying files from your PC onto CompactFlash.

Audio and Video is triggered (location-specific) based on your exact requirements. GPS trigger advertisements, promotional messages, route related information, and safety information using audio only or audio and video [DVDs, commercials, promotional spots, etc.] to deliver a more entertaining, engaging, location relevant customer experience.

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