Can mobile marketing get bigger?

Mobile is no more limited to a 3.5 inch touch screen phone with mp3 capabilities & what not. Its no more a mobile phone,but it is a 3.5 inch wizard loaded with unimaginable capabilities. From online streaming of videos to Social networking, from high quality gaming to making presentations you can do it all! Phones are your new navigators, personal assistants, gaming tools! Day is not far when Xbox, PS or Wii may come up with mobile phone loaded with gaming capabilities!

Smartphone unit sales almost tripled from 2004 to 2005, and increased by 50% in the first half of 2006 over 2005 , reports In-Stat. In another research suggests that Smart phones will comprise 9.3 percent of mobile phones sold in 2009! It is the closest way a marketer can get to a consumer. No other medium is as personally engaging. Hurray!!!! again a whole new toy for the marketers to play with.

One area that has caught marketer’s attention is Mobile Search Marketing, though it is still at a very nascent stage, its evolving rapidly as more 3G cellphones erode the market. Industry analysts have forecasted humongous growth in MSM. For 2007, mobile industry-watchers predicts $1.7 billion in revenues & have estimated $11 billion by 2011, making it a promising frontier to look out for!

The search engines are naturally interested in extending their ad platforms to the cell phone. In early September, Google began allowing its Adwords marketers to create mobile ads to run on the networks of cellular carriers in Germany , UK and the United States. Microsoft & Yahoo are also exploring opportunities into this frontier.

Wow! isn’t it too much for a small device called mobile phone. I sometimes wonder how microscopic can we go in pursuit to enhance brand experience & gain consumer’s attention. I am sure, at this point of time earth is the best place to be in.

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