Now Tweens are mobile too! big time!!!

Eureka! Eureka! Eureka! Marketers here comes the “tweens” with a significant opportunity in the mobile marketplace! As per a recent research conducted by Nielsen on profiling the mobile activities & preferences of U.S. “tweens” (aged 8-12 & a population segment of 20 million young consumers)  46% OF TWEENS USE CELL PHONES. On average, these kids get their own cell phone between the ages of 10 and 11. Safety is the top reason sighted by the parents for introducing these kids with the cell phones. I wish my parents were concerned too 😦 I got my mobile phone at the age of 19. I envy this generation, they have it all & have it so early.


the lovely tweens

Anyways another startling finding is that 55% of tweens who own a cell phone send text messages & 21% download ring tones. Tweens are texting too… around 428 monthly text messages. Helllooo! Cellular Service providers…. are you there? Tweens are here, you have an opportunity to connect to them through “tween-centric packages”! But hold on, research indicates that 92% of parents restrict how tweens use their phone, 68% say they prohibit downloads that incur charges. To add to the complexities for the cellular service providers… 65% of tweens with cell phones are on family plans . Holly shit! I am sure these kids want to do much more than make a call.

So What? my brand management side of the brain is excited & wants to offer to parents a plan that addresses their concern (of kids incurring cost to download games & ring tones) & offer them a ‘fixed rate plan’ over and above the monthly rental. This plan could include:

  • certain number of games & ring tone downloads
  • Free educational games (that parents will love)
  • Daily Audio feed or a text SMS (on latest news) to enhance their kids GK
  • Connect these web content specifically targeted to “tweens & parents” (can be extended upwards age too)

Obviously I cannot not go in details as I understand that without extensive research any recommendation would be like shooting in the dark. But I strongly feel that there is a great opportunity to tap this segment; more importantly to gain trust & leverage the brand recognition among parents as they are the ones with the buying power & paying the bills.


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