Better late than never: Joost finally available on a web browser.

On September 18, Joost finally announced that all of its content is now available directly on its website and not just through its desktop client. Joost was one of the most hyped-up companies on the web when the peer-to-peer streaming video service was still in stealth mode in 2006 and beta invites were rare and coveted. However, once users actually got a look at Joost, disillusion quickly set in. Joost had it all, but major downfall was the foundation of the desktop client.

I like millions of users downloaded the desktop application to watch wide range of content offered by Joost. But it was just to inconvenient to do so. The options to view videos on the web were already available by then & users were already switching to the web video format! The initial excitement of watching high quality videos on Joost suddenly changed into disinterest.

I am glad Joost is finally out  from the influence of  P2P architecture! We have to say that it’s not 100% out of the influence because it still relies on plugin & holds users to embed videos. One thing I like about the new Joost is their ‘Social Stuff’ – watch what your friends are watching, everything you watch is archived in your ‘Joost Feed’ & can be easily shared with friends & public,Joost has introduced ‘Stealth Mode’ that enables you to hide your viewed contents from your friends. Joost has really done a remarkable job on the Social front!

However this is not enough. Today it faces more evolved competition in terms of Hulu & Vimeo apart from other established networks. Broadly I feel its about time Joost moved to web browsers only to be welcomed by the competition & in order to regain its lost ground Joost will have to do something remarkable & join hands with the content providers! Anyways, everything said and done, for Joost its better late than never.


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