Smart tray: Smart way to connect!

Now what on the earth should i call this invention to be! marketing indeed is becoming a creative canvas . A canvas of unimaginable opportunities enabled by convergence of technology.

A company that specializes in the design of high tech multimedia equipment for the food service industry has invented a Smart Tray can be used to deliver multimedia content to customers of food service restaurants, cafeterias, shopping malls, hospitals, military, etc.. The tray is configured to the shape of a regular food service carrying tray, albeit with an embedded multimedia display in the bottom-left corner. Multimedia content may include video, still images, text or computer instructions, or interactive content such as puzzles, games or quizzes related to advertising partners or other nearby locations. In addition, Mediox Smart Tray can be used to distribute multimedia content such as mobile phone ring tones and wallpaper, digital music, video clips, electronic books, computer and cell phone software, and games etc. via Bluetooth or WiFi interface.

The unique concept developed by Mediox effectively allows restaurant operators to move the multimedia content to each individual client’s tray. Placing the multimedia content in the hands of each client permits user-based feedback through interactive features, enabling one-to-one target marketing. Perhaps most importantly, it also has the potential to turn the tray in to a revenue generating tool!


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