Bluetooth Marketing: a thin line between interesting & intruding

Opt-in bluetooth proximity marketing has become all the rage overseas as the newest way to connect with potential or existing customers. This form of advertising has been in use for quite some time in Europe, as well as various other overseas locations. It has now reached the shores of US, & few companies are already in their startup phase.
Its so cool! i loved it. isn’t it exciting? it may be but for how long, and who would like to receive Spam from all the stores in one vicinity bombarding with their promotional coupons or announcements. I would run out of that area if it happens to me. Though it seems to be exciting technological tool to attract consumer, but it should be used wisely. No company to be credited by a consumer as the company who pushes Spam mails. A great example of the smart of this bluetooth technology is shown by VOLVO!

They use the same technology, but the idea is to create a brand experience for the customers visiting their showroom. Free Videos, Technical info, Test Drive booking, Downloads, etc is sent to the users cell phone with bluetooth capability, but not even a single time it seems like and alien intrusion- (see the video & decide for yourself)

Opt-in bluetooth proximity marketing still in its infancy and the risk of spoiling brand image with a spam is very high, unless executed in a smart way. With an objective to enhance customer experience & not to push sales.

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